Streaks in New City, NY!!!

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I have been to Streaks a few times over the past year.Today one of the stylists absolutely butchered my bangs!

All I asked for was a side sweep- I got half of the front of my head with SHORT & THICK bangs!!! Obviously NOT what I asked for!!!! The stylist NEVER apologized-Nicole. Unreal.

She left me at the chair as I asked one of the owners to "fix-it", although she did attempt- it was impossible!!! I have an event tomorrow & don't know how i am going to show up looking like this!!! The owner was apologetic although when it came to pay she had no problem asking for full price!!! She told me she wanted to give me a discount but couldn't!!!

Oh, ok. I thought she was one of the owners!!! -Carrie. I called later in the day & asked for the other owner to call me back- she never did.

Great business ownership skills on both!!!

I'm disgusted & plan to report them!If your stylists aren't trained properly- don't put them on the floor to perform services!!!!!

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